Skittles - Taste the Rainbow!


Okay, this deck has been slagged and people have said the whole game relies on a coin flip, but this deck can be very powerful if used correctly.  The main Pokemon is Ho-Oh from Secret Wonders, a great card if used correctly and an improved and slightly better version of Ho-oh ex from Unseen Forces.

 The deck revolves around Ho-Oh's attack.  You try to start with your starter (I like using Furret SW personally) to set up Ho-OIh and then rare candy to Togekiss GE to charge up Ho-Oh.  Togekiss's PokePower lets you look at the top ten cards of your deck, choose as many basic energy cards from those top ten and attach them to your pokemon in any way you like.  I've played with it and it wins nearly every time against most decks if played correctly.  Here's a deck list:




4 Ho-Oh SW

3 Togekiss  GE

1 Togetic GE

3 Togepi GE

3 Furret SW

3 Sentret SW

1 Claydol GE

1 Baltoy GE

= 19 Pokemon


2 Castaway

3 Celio's Network

1 Cessation Crystal

2 Copycat

2 Crystal Beach

1 Night Maintenance

3 Rare Candy

2 Roseanne's Research

2 Stregnth Charm

2 Warp Point

1 Windstorm

= 21 Trainers


3 Darkness Energy (B)

3 Psychic Energy

3 Fighting Energy

3 Water Energy

2 Lightning Energy

2 Fire Energy

2 Grass Energy

2 Metal Energy (B)

= 20 Energy


This is the deck list I play with: it works really well!  I know it slaughters Sceptile/Tangrowth/Leafeon Lv.X decks and can normally beat T2 B and Electivire.  You can probably beat TRUK but it's slaughtered by Empoleon Snipe and it probably has less chance of winning against Magmortar Lv.X.  If you take it to a major tournament play Holon Energy FF to counter Empoleon Lv.X and Milotic GE to counter Lv.Xs and Magmortar/Blaziken.  I would like this deck to see a lot more play, but sadly it probably won't.



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