Dusknoir - Diamond & Pearl


Hello all, and welcome to the new-look Card Reviews page!  My card to be reviewed is Dusknoir from Diamond & Pearl, undeniably one of the best late game & techs in the new format.  Dark Palm is a nasty little card that either forces your opponent to play small benches (which can destroy some decks) or ges rid of your opponent's Pokemon.  Combos include:


Warp Point


Sounds basic, but can destroy an opponent's game play.  Warp Point their strong active Pokemon to the bench and then get rid of it, potentially tipping the balance of the game.  On the other hand, you do have to rely on getting a warp point.


Mightyena ex


The same as Warp Point, use Mightyena ex's PokePower to switch the defending pokemon then get rid of it with Dusknoir.  The differance:

1. This card is going out of format in September. 

2. You can use it every turn consistently.




A very slow and more or less worthless combo, but I'm putting it in anyway.  Get an Unown N, an Unown O and an Unown D.  Try and get you opponent to pick up a prize card to make Dusknoir do more damage, but your opponent can just not pick up the prize.




Later in the game, when you need to power up Dusknoir quickly, use a Double Rainbow Energy to power up quickly.  Dusknoir gets around the

-10 damage effect by saying it puts damage counters on, rather than doing damage.  Scramble energy as well is a good one to use.


Okey-dokey, here's the statistics:


PokePower: 8/10 (If your opponent is clever enough, they can avoid this nasty power, but not if you use warp point...)


Attack: Powerful.  Great as a late game heavy hitter.  9/10 in a Gallade/Gardevoir deck.  If you don't use psychic or scramble or DREs in your deck or play Crystal Beach, this attack is pretty worthless.  If you're playing a Dusknoir tech, it's worth playing a couple of DRE or 3/4 psychic energy.


Overall: 8/10.  Can't base a deck around it but it's a great tech.


Illustration: WHO IS TAKABAN???!!!  Whoever he is, (or she) I love this artwork.  I prefer the foil versoin over the reverse foil.  7.5/10. 

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