Green Team (updated)


A deck based on energy attachment.  Since the release of Majestic Dawn

this deck has improved a lot!  It basically adds as much energy as possible to Tangrowth with Leafeon Lv.X and making it two energy with Sceptile.


4 Tangrowth GE

4 Tangela GE

2 Sceptile GE

1 Grovyle GE

2 Treecko GE

2 Leafeon Lv.X MD

2 Leafeon MD

2 Evee MD (Call for Family)

4 Pachirisu

= 23 Pokemon


4 Celio's Network

2 Prof. Rowan

3 Rare Candy

1 Speed Stadium

1 Scott

1 Night Maintenence

2 Warp Point

3 Duall Ball

= 17 Trainers


16 Grass Energy

2 Scramble Energy

2 Boost Energy

= 20 Energy


This deck should be quite nice in tournaments but with all the fire pokemon in the metagame at the moment, this deck will be slaughtered.  You could use Blastoise d from CG to get rid of the annoying weakness.

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